No more diets and deprivation. Eat the foods you love and have a great body image.
Rethink your body
To get the freedom to live the life you want
I offer one-to-one counselling sessions available either face-to-face (Cambridge); by Skype; on the phone or by email.  

I work with clients with Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder; disordered eating and body image concerns.

You might also be interested in working with me on one of my tailored, programmes of support.

I believe that it is never too late to change your eating patterns and transform your body image. If you are motivated to change; I can offer you the tools to get going on your journey today.

My approach is very motivational; supportive and encouraging. I focus predominantly on the present and future; helping you to set tangible goals for change. Work with me and see the difference.

Why work with me?
  1. Feel nurtured and supported by someone who has personal experience of eating and body concerns.
  2. Get ongoing encouragement and motivation to embrace change.
  3. Develop the freedom to eat the foods you enjoy without guilt.
  4. No more diets and deprivation.
  5. Be able to eat out socially and enjoy meals with friends.
  6. Feel great about your body and think like a slim person.
  7. Manage emotional eating.
  8. Work to find your healthy and sustainable weight.
  9. Use proven strategies that bring about long-term change (in addition to one-to-one sessions, you will receive email support and all reading materials).
  10. Get your life back again; more time; more money;

Model of working

I work using an Integrative Counselling approach and my work is influenced by Motivational Enhancement Therapy; Cognitive Behaviour Therapy; Cognitive Analytic Therapy and Psychodynamic Counselling. Family or couples work is also another option.
I am a BACP registered and accredited Counsellor (MBACP Accred).
No more strict diets; disordered eating; secret-life; depression, loneliness, isolation; obsessive exercise; calorie counting; weighing; body checking; tiredness; bingeing; purging; over-exercising; anorexia nervosa; bulimia nervosa; binge eating; food obessession.....
No more diets and deprivation. Enjoy food whilst looking good and feeling great about your body shape.